Domestic Violence/Battery Evaluations: Camilla Cafferty LCPC is a State of Idaho court appointed Domestic Battery Elevator. Evaluations are $609.95. Day appointments are available. This evaluation is pertinent to any charge relating to domestic violence and battery. Please bring all court and police documents to your meeting.

Anger Evaluations: Camilla Cafferty LCPC has been providing Anger Management evaluations for the past 5+ years. They assess for an individuals general propensity for anger in all situations, work, home, etc. Evaluations are $300.  Please bring all court and police documents to your meeting.

Stalking Evaluation (SAM or SHARP): Camilla Cafferty LCPC completes stalking evaluations for the court. Base price is $609.95 for every hour thereafter $100. The evaluation base price includes 2 interviews, paperwork and write up. If there is an excessive amount of paperwork/police reports (over 100pgs) and/or if the evaluation requires interviewing more than two people, there may be an increase in price.

Payment for all evaluations is cash, credit or debit, Sorry No Checks. Payment arrangements are available. Evaluations are release After payment has been made in full.

Spanish and French interpreters are available for all evaluations.
Intérprete disponible para todas las evaluaciones en español
Interprète disponible en français pour toutes les évaluations

To schedule an appointment, please call 208-994-3599.

Domestic Violence Paperwork

Anger Management Forms